Rapla parish

Rapla parish (Estonian: Rapla vald) is an Estonian municipality located in Rapla County.

Area : 24 329 ha
Population: 9600
Villages: 38
Hamlets: 3 ( Alu, Hagudi, Kuusiku)
Towns: 1 (Rapla)

The centre of Rapla Parish, Rapla town is also a centre of Rapla County. There are 5520 inhabitants in Rapla. Rapla town is 55 km from Tallinn, 84 from Pärnu and 64 from Paide. The main roads that pass through Rapla are Tallinn-Rapla-Türi, Rapla-Märjamaa(to the Via Baltica), Rapla-Varbola ( to the Via Baltica) and Rapla-Järvakandi. In Rapla town there is a railway station and a small aircraft field near Kuusiku, 6 km from Rapla. Closest ports and an international airport are located in Tallinn.

Alu hamlet
Alu locates 4 km from Rapla town and there are 950 inhabitants. One of the biggest  companies in Rapla parish Saarioinen Eesti OÜ is located near Alu. It`s a ready-to-eat food factory and gives job for 150 people.