Oniar LLC

Municipality:Märjamaa parish
Address:Pargi 16,
Märjamaa 78304
E-mail:info at oniar dot eu
Phone:+372 482 2206
Fax:+372 482 2205

Oniar Metalworks OÜ was established in year 2003, meant to satisfy the needs of local market for mechanical- and metal-works. Up to now it has grown up to a machine-building company using the name Oniar. Thanks to constant investments in our employees and equipment we are today able to offer our partners very wide range of services needing complex metal-works. The company is one of the largest and most stable employers in the area, exporting most of its products to different European countries, mostly to North-Europe.

The main fields of activity of the company are: Manufacturing agricultural, forestry and building machines for vendors; Manufacturing wood-industry machinery and conveyor elements for engineering enterprises; Manufacturing building constructions; Manufacturing light-weight constructions and furniture from aluminium and stainless steel; Different single metal-processing operations – cutting, bending, drilling, turning, welding and so on; Engineering.Taking different product groups together, Oniar processed over 3000 tons of raw-material in the year 2012. The company is employer to 70 people and owns 4800 m2 of productive floor space, which is on the 16776 m2 territory of the company.