Rebastemäe industrial area

Developement area: 6500-7500 sized plots (ca 2,5 ha)
Area of land: Land cadastre - 66904:001:017266904:001:017366904:001:017466904:001:0175 
Closest centre: Rapla
Location: 2,8 km from Rapla, 55 km from Tallinn
Road Access: next to Tallinn-Rapla road
Planned purpose: Production, logistics, business area

Grounds have 60% total building rate, opportunity to build up to 15 m high and up to 4-storey buildings. House land grounds have the possibility to build row houses. If the client wants, it is possible to change the earmarked hose land to business and industrial area.

Net price 7 - 20 eur/m² - depending on communications. Price 20 EUR/m² includes communications up to the land border – water, sewage, communication cables, asphaltic pavement driving and traffic roads, street lighting. Electricity price including ampere fee is added according to the consumption of the customer

In case building is not the clients major activity, we offer in conjunction with A-warehouses OÜ – – a whole solution for you, arranging in addition to selling the ground also a suitable business, warehouse or production construction designing and building for the client


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